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Immigration & Commercial Law Practice

Immigration Law Practice

NKL Law helps clients on matters related to non-immigration, immigration visas & immigration petitions. 

NKL Law also provides services for naturalization consultation, documents submission to the USCIS, interview preparation; help clients to obtain children’s U.S. birth certificate; help China origins parents to obtain travel documents for their U.S. born children.

Our non-immigration and immigration visas practice includes

B-1 business visa; B-2 travel visa; F-1 student visa, including OPT and STEM OPT extension application; M-1 student visa; J-1 exchange student visa; H-1 work visa; L-1 international company transferee work visa; K-3 U.S. citizen spouse visa; K-1 U.S. citizen fiancée visa; O visa for people with extraordinary abilities; P-1,P-2,P-3 visa for actor/actress, athletes; R visa for religious purpose; and entrepreneur work parole.

Our immigration petitions includes but not limited to:

1. Employment based Green Card petition–EB1, EB2, EB3. Petitions under these categories require sponsorship by U.S. employers and PERM from the U.S. Department of Labor. No PERM requirement if petitioned by any U.S. research institutions or colleges or any international company petition for their manager transferees.

2. Family based Green Card petition—FB1, FB2, FB3, FB4 for parents and minor children of U.S. citizens; spouses of U.S. Green Card Holders; minor children of U.S. Green Card Holders; siblings of U.S. citizens.

3. EB1A or National Interest Waiver: for aliens demonstrating extraordinary ability in the science, arts, education, business or athletics or with extraordinary achievements.

4. Investment Immigration—EB5: for investors creating 10 direct or indirect full time job positions with $500,000 investment in TEA area (rural or high un-employment rate area) or one million dollars in non-TEA area. (Investment amount subject to upcoming changes of EB5 law.)

Commercial Law Practice

NKL Law provides outside legal counsel services to assist our corporate clients on legal matters in the U.S.
We help companies outside the U.S. to set up subsidiaries or branch offices in the U.S. We also advise clients on compliance with federal and state law and regulations in employment, intellectual properties, license and permit requirements. Our M&A practice includes company structure design, due diligent investigation, draft, review and negotiate of contract, etc.
We also assist U.S. companies in expanding their businesses to foreign countries, including negotiating business deals with foreign entities, preparing contracts, and monetizing intellectual properties.