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IP Litigation

We assist clients in patent, trademark and copyright litigation, patent interference proceedings, arbitration and dispute resolutions, and settlement and licensing agreements for intellectual properties.

When a patent infringement action is initiated, an accused infringer may file a request for reexamination or a petition for a post-grant review or an inter partes review to invalidate one or more claims of the patent with the USPTO. Normally, the litigation counsel and the prosecution counsel may have different views and strategies regarding claim construction and interpretation of prior art references. We can manage the prosecution counsel and litigation counsel in unity and cooperation in accordance with the client’s overall strategy.

In particular, for a Korean client or a U.S. domestic client involved in litigation before the U.S. district courts, we can team-up with litigation counsel for discovery including taking depositions of witnesses and translating relevant information into English so that the client can reduce the litigation cost while maintaining high quality service. Also, for a U.S. domestic client involved in litigation before a Korean court, we can hire and manage Korean prosecution counsel and litigation counsel to handle the litigation in Korea.