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Shiming LI
Shiming LIScientific Advisor
Office Phone:(703)745-5495


Patent Prosecution


Ph.D. in Chemistry, Rutgers University

M.Sc. in Chemistry, Texas A&M University

B.Sc. in Chemistry, Nankai University

Liis an accomplished chemist specializing in organic synthesis and natural product-based pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Before involved in prosecuting chemical patents, he was active in both industry and academia.

Dr. Li worked as a synthetic chemist on therapeutical areas such as cancer and metabolic syndrome at Johnson & Johnson and Roche for 15 years and later as a research professor studying natural chemical products.

Dr. Li’s research interests span from small molecule synthesis,novel metabolite characterization to herbal medicinal chemistry.


He has about 80 publications and is named as an inventor for multiple patents. Recognized by his particular expertise in developing drugs and natural nutritional products, Dr. Li currently serves as the Scientific Editor for Food Science & Human Wellness (published by Elsevier). Dr. Li is a member of American Chemical Society.